Piran Musical Evenings

The International Festival of Chamber Music entitled Piran Musical Evenings traditionally takes place every summer, in July and August, at the cross-shaped arcade of St. Francis Church in the very heart of the old town of Piran. It is a pleasure for the lovers of chamber music and those who like to attend classical concerts by various performers. You can, for example, listen to the Solisti Piranesi Chamber Orchestra, conducted by maestro Primož Novšak, featuring the excellent violinist Anja Bukovec. The festival is organized by the Portorož Auditorium.

Tartini festival

The Tartini Festival is an international festival of chamber music dedicated to the memory of the life and spirit of Giuseppe Tartini, the famous classical composer who was born in Piran. An impressive number of top-quality artistic events contributes to the rich cultural heritage, invariably receiving excellent reviews from international experts. Every year at the end of summer, Slovenian Istria welcomes renowned musicians from all over the world and offers artistic pleasures for every taste – the audience comprising musical experts and lovers of classical music as well as passers

Slovenian Film Festival

The Slovenian Film Festival is a cultural and business event, a meeting place for filmmakers, film enthusiasts, experts and business partners. This is a four-day annual event with the screening of full-length films, documentaries and short films. It features press conferences, expert and business meetings and concludes with the presentation of the Vesna Awards. Vesna symbolizes the strength of the heroine from a legendary film with this title, directed in 1955 by František Čap. This Czech film director presents one of the pillars of Slovenian cinematic history and is a bright example of European cultural connectedness and openness of Slovenian film production. The festival brings together the new approach of the younger generation with the tradition of the great names of Slovenian cinematic history, which has always been a part of European cinematic community.